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We expect high standards of behaviour at all times from our children.

Our Academy Values are our school rules.


I am able to bounce back


I will give respect and I will get respect


I can work alone and make choices about how to challenge myself


I work in a team to achieve our dream


I am curious about the world around me and I want to find out more


I will tell the truth

Alongside our values we have a smiley face system within each class which is a visual display.

There are 4 faces which are:

  1. Great, keep it up
  2. Warning (no consequences)
  3. Time out
  4. Miss your playtime

Each child has a peg and, when it is needed, the peg will be moved. The aim is to remain on the ‘Great, keep it up’ all day.

There is also a ‘Red Card’ for behaviour which falls below our expectations, such as malicious behaviour , hitting, kicking, punching, biting etc, swearing, name calling – racists comments, spitting at someone or consistent disruptive behaviour. When a child receives a Red Card parents will be informed and the child will be in Reflection for the day which is the child missing play and lunchtime. Behaviour is not black and white and each incident is treated using our professional discretion.

The Principal will call the Parents/Carers to school to meet with her when a child’s behaviour falls below the expectations and Values of Warwick Academy.

About Us

We became an Academy School, sponsored by THE EDUCATION FELLOWSHIP (TEF) in November 2012 and working together we will achieve excellence at Warwick. The goal of all our Governors and Staff, in partnership with The Education Fellowship team, is to give your child the best possible education; laying the foundations for a successful and happy future. Our school motto is “We dream, believe and achieve together”.

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